Bettors beware: These MLB clubs love to collapse in the late innings

Bettors beware: These MLB clubs love to collapse in the late innings | News Article by


Motivation can be a huge factor in the final months of the MLB season. And as teams climb into and fall out of the postseason race, betting on those motivations is a great way to make money betting MLB odds.

If you’ve cursed out a club for failing to finish, chances are on of these teams below was the cause. With motivation in mind, baseball bettors Handicapping Sports should beware of these teams and their tendency to collapse late into contests.

Washington Nationals
The Nationals looked like they were pushing for the postseason after adding some much-needed depth to their bullpen at the trade deadline. Washington has a stellar starting rotation, with a collective ERA of 3.57 which ranks third in the bigs. However, the bullpen has been downright putrid, blowing 22 saves and lugging a group ERA just north of 6.00. The Nationals allow an average of 1.82 runs in the final three innings of ball games on the season, including 0.50 runs in the ninth. That drop off in pitching performance has made Washington a five-five-innings only wager in 2019.

Minnesota Twins
Yep, those same Twins that exploded out of the gate and took to the top of the American League Central. Minnesota inability to shutdown teams late into games is starting to bite it in the butt, starting August with a 6-7 record and allowing Cleveland to challenge for the division lead. The Twins give up an average of 1.74 runs in the final three innings with the bullpen sitting in the middle of the road in terms of ERA. Minnesota has been able to put up runs late, averaging 1.66 over the final three stanzas, but that’s been enough to let late leads disappear and ruin the returns for MLB bettors.

Atlanta Braves
The Braves may be looking too far ahead, with a big lead in the National League East. That focus on the playoffs – and not finishing strong – could be why Atlanta is off to an 8-5 start to the month and has bettors sweating in those final three innings, giving up an average of 1.63 runs in that span. The bullpen has a pedestrian 4.39 group ERA and has blown 21 saves on the season so far. The Braves have been lucky the offense has been able to make up for those poor efforts, plating 1.80 runs in the final three innings. That sudden surge in scoring late into contests has left more than few Under bettors pulling out their hair.

Boston Red Sox
The Red Sox are one of the costliest wagers in baseball, burning through nearly -25 units of profit for blind Boston bettors. Much of that pain has been caused by the bullpen, which has blown 22 saves so far in 2019 while posting a 4.37 ERA. The BoSox have combated those letdowns with 1.69 runs in the final three frames but have given up 1.56 runs against in that same window. The margins are very thin, and when you’re routinely a moneyline favorite those late collapses hurt even more.

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