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2:06 PM
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954 ST. LOUIS CARDINALSST. LOUIS CARDINALSS GRAY R-1.5 +17066.7-11873.4u7.5 -12033.3
7:06 PM
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955 NEW YORK METSNEW YORK METSL SEVERINO R+1.5 -21033.3-10358.7o8.5 -10589.7
956 CHICAGO CUBSCHICAGO CUBSJ ASSAD R-1.5 +18066.7-10741.3u8.5 -11510.3
3:06 PM
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958 COLORADO ROCKIESCOLORADO ROCKIESK FREELAND L+1.5 -1356.3+11711.5u10.5 -10526.9
4:06 PM
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960 SAN DIEGO PADRESSAN DIEGO PADRESM KING R-1.5 +16450-12355.6u8 -12554.5
1:06 PM
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961 CHICAGO WHITE SOXCHICAGO WHITE SOXJ CANNON R+1.5 -12513.3+16520.7o8.5 -10559.1
962 DETROIT TIGERSDETROIT TIGERSR OLSON R-1.5 +10586.7-18579.3u8.5 -11540.9
1:06 PM
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963 TORONTO BLUE JAYSTORONTO BLUE JAYSY KIKUCHI L+1.5 -20026.3+10216.7o8.5 -10580.6
2:06 PM
Preview Tweets
965 BALTIMORE ORIOLESBALTIMORE ORIOLESA SUAREZ R+1.5 -21075-10457.9o8.5 -10561.9
966 HOUSTON ASTROSHOUSTON ASTROSF VALDEZ L-1.5 +18025-10642.1u8.5 -11538.1
2:06 PM
Preview Tweets
967 KANSAS CITY ROYALSKANSAS CITY ROYALSA MARSH R+1.5 -15033.3+14026.5o8 -11573.3
968 TEXAS RANGERSTEXAS RANGERSM SCHERZER R-1.5 +13066.7-15573.5u8 -10526.7
4:06 PM
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969 MINNESOTA TWINSMINNESOTA TWINSP LOPEZ R-1.5 -10575-17093.2o8 -12073.3
1:06 PM
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971 ATLANTA BRAVESATLANTA BRAVESM FRIED L-1.5 +16036.4+10339.8o8.5 -11588.7
972 NEW YORK YANKEESNEW YORK YANKEESN CORTES L+1.5 -18063.6-11360.2u8.5 -10511.3
1:06 PM
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973 TAMPA BAY RAYSTAMPA BAY RAYSA CIVALE R+1.5 -1506.5+1426.4o7.5 -12055.6
1:06 PM
Preview Tweets
975 BOSTON RED SOXBOSTON RED SOXZ KELLY R+1.5 -14521.1+14021.8o9.5 EV44.4
976 CINCINNATI REDSCINCINNATI REDSN LODOLO L-1.5 +12578.9-15578.2u9.5 -12055.6
1:06 PM
Preview Tweets
977 SEATTLE MARINERSSEATTLE MARINERSB MILLER R-1.5 +10590-14692.4o7.5 -12589.5
978 MIAMI MARLINSMIAMI MARLINSK TYLER R+1.5 -12510+1317.6u7.5 +10510.5

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