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2017-05-22 MLB
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2017-05-21 MLB 957 Moneyline (Philadelphia Phillies) -125 1st 5 innings 0.00 PUSH
2017-05-21 MLB 960 Total Over 8.5 -120 game +1.00 WIN
2017-05-21 MLB 954 Total Over 8.5 -130 game +1.00 WIN
2017-05-21 MLB 953 Total Over 3.5 -120 team total -1.20 LOSS
2017-05-21 MLB 961 Total Over 4.5 -105 team total +1.00 WIN
2017-05-20 MLB 908 Total Over 9 -130 game +1.00 WIN
2017-05-20 MLB 902 Total Over 8.5 -130 game -1.30 LOSS
2017-05-20 MLB 922 Total Over 8.5 -120 game +1.00 WIN
2017-05-20 MLB 930 Moneyline (New York Mets) -120 1st 5 innings +1.00 WIN