The WNBA could be the best bet you make all summer

The WNBA could be the best bet you make all summer | News Article by

The summer months can be a drag for those counting down the days until football betting returns. But, if you talk to smart bettors, the summer is when they make their money. Lesser-bet sports take the main stage in June, July and August and that includes the WNBA.

Women’s hoops may not garner the same audience as its NBA brethren, however, the nightly WNBA Sports Betting Odds hold much more value. If you’re new to WNBA betting or need convincing to get on board, here are some reasons why you should be betting the WNBA this summer:

Weak lines
If you monitor WNBA odds, you’ll see early sharp play attack the originals and move those openers all over the place. Spreads and totals are either steamed through multiple points – or you can trace syndicates pushing the line one way before coming back on the adjusted numbers with double the action.

This vulnerability for bookmakers is due to the lack of attention and effort put into those WNBA odds. The league doesn’t get a quarter of the coverage that the NFL or NBA does, so valuable bits of information, such as injuries and coaches’ plans slip through the oddsmakers cracks and bettors in the know can take advantage.

Quarters and Halves
WNBA bettors can find those weaknesses mention above in the quarter and halftime odds. Teams develop glaring tendencies as the season plays out, with some starting slow and some starting fast. Others will pick up the pace in the final 20 minutes while some choke in the fourth quarter.

Unlike the NBA, oddsmakers aren’t tuned into those trends. So, they aren’t factored into the derivative odds. Books will basically take a total and chop it in half for the first-half Over/Under, then slice that in two when pegging the first and second-quarter numbers. Finding teams with routine performance trends in those segments is a great way to put one past the bookies.

Injuries and News
Recently, the Indiana Fever suffered through a nasty travel schedule, having their commercial flight delayed on their way home from the West Coast, stranding the team at the airport for hours and hours. That left the club to re-route their trip and take the second leg of their travels via bus.

These sorts of things happen a lot in the WNBA, and teams can often find themselves rolling into town in the late hours of the night – or even just hours before tipoff. However, these woes rarely make it to the mainstream, so bettors with an ear to the league can identify and pull the trigger on unique situations.

Injury news also can be tough to find. And with WNBA teams not running as deep on talent as NBA squads, missing a starter or key sub can make a major difference in team performance. Players will also suddenly leave teams to play overseas in club an international competition, leaving a roster short handed.

Social media is a fantastic place to find these useful tidbits of info, so identify the local beat reporters and check into their reporting before getting action down on that day’s games.

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